Benefits include:

Studies show that it can allow you to burn upwards of 460 calories per day, by virtually doing nothing.

Product Description:

MasterMCT is the purest form of MCT oil you could find on this Earth. Bajnath MD has incredibly exacting standards, and MasterMCT meets every single one of them:

Now, we had the option to start with a range of sources, including palm oil. But palm oil and other sources can be harmful to the environment. And we want to bring you the BEST medium-chain triglycerides on the market. So ours is derived from 100% ORGANIC coconut oil, and nothing else. No sugar, no additives, and no fillers.


If you don’t experience a renewed vitality after taking MasterMCT, you’re protected by our 90-Day, Full-Money-Back Guarantee. Remember, many of our users reported significant improvements after just a few days. But, you have a full three months to try MasterMCT out for yourself. If it doesn’t make you feel better by then, all you have to do is return any unused portion and we’ll give you a 100% refund. It’s that simple.


MCT oil. The long version of that is medium-chain triglycerides oil. We use only the purest and most potent form that anyone could get their hands on.

We spent a long time tracking down the purest source of MCT oil for MasterMCT. And we made sure that it was extracted using the most state-of-the-art techniques.
Not only that, but the entire manufacturing process was conducted right here in the United States of America, in a GMP-compliant and FDA-certified facility.
Plus, every bottle must pass stringent tests for purity and potency.
Which means each bottle of MasterMCT meets the highest standards of quality.

It would take a lot of time, energy, and money. We source our ingredients from all across the world and have a whole team dedicated to ensuring each ingredient is of the highest quality and bioavailability. Plus, our relationships with suppliers allows us to get better prices that most individuals just couldn’t swing.

Anyone who has the desire to burn off calories and hit their weight management goals. Keeping yourself at a healthy weight has numerous health benefits that could even support a longer healthspan.

MasterMCT is sourced from only the purest MCT oil you can find… deriving right from coconut oil. My team and I spent months getting the perfect MCT oil that meets our highest of standards.

It’s rare that our customers don’t experience a benefit from MasterMCT. But in case you don’t, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Because you’re protected by our 90-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee.
If you aren’t happy with the health results you’re experiencing, simply return any unused portion of the product during that time period for a full refund.

We recommend you take two capsules a day. Each bottle comes with 60 capsules, so one bottle will provide you one months’ worth of cell-nourishing benefits. We recommend you take the capsules in the morning. They’re small and easy to swallow, and should be taken with food.

Most people start with three bottles. That way, they can instantly save money, plus take advantage of free shipping. Not only that, but our 90-day guarantee means even if you decide that the three months’ supply isn’t for you, you won’t lose a penny.

Different people see results at different rates. Lifestyle, genetics, fitness level, and other factors all impact how long it takes MasterMCT to work. That being said, many of our customers report getting positive changes in just a week. However, I suggest you wait 20 to 25 days to really begin to experience the improvements.

Nope, and it never will be. We cut out the middleman and deliver MasterMCT directly to our customers. This allows us to maintain quality control over our product, and save you time and money.

You have two options. You can keep re-ordering your supply of MasterMCT on our website, or you can join our VIP Shipping Program! When you join our VIP Shipping Program today, your new bottle(s) of MasterMCT will be automatically sent to your doorstep — hassle-free! And the card we have on file will be billed. We only offer this exclusive benefit with your permission and you can cancel at any time. Just call our customer service team at 844-491-5756.

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